The Bible Meditator has gone through several major changes since its beginning in January 1990.

Initially, it was typed on a folded 8.5 x 14 sheet of paper and mailed out. It grew until it became a 10 page 8.5 x 11 journal.

Then it moved to an Internet only publication with a regular web site.

Now, The Bible Meditator has taken on the form of a blog, which we hope will make it more available to people worldwide.

5 thoughts on “About

    • No, I moved from Pasadena when I was in Junior High School, which would have been 1970 or 1971. I moved to Oregon in 1983, and I have been in Grants Pass since 2002.

      You are correct that an apologetics presentation would help those students in Santa Monica. Sorry I cannot help.

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