Seeing the Invisible Things of God

The universe had a cause equal to or greater than itself

By Don Ruhl


If you have not started to think about how everything got here, start soon. Look around you and wonder what it is all about. Consider our home Earth. Why did Earth get all the good stuff? Compare her with the rest of the planets.

As I stood in line at the pharmacy in a large store, I started looking around at the abundance of all the stuff on the shelves, and then considered that this is multiplied millions of times over the earth, and that everything I saw would soon be replaced with more! How did all that happen?

Examples of Cause and Effect 

Everything is either a cause or an effect and some causes are effects and vice versa. Consider rain. Evaporation causes rain, but rain cause plants to grow. Consider Newton’s Cradle. Pick up a ball and release it. When it slams into the stationary balls, the energy transfers through three balls and causes the last ball to bounce into the air. Then that ball becomes a cause that makes the original ball to bounce out.

Possible Explanations for the Existence of the Universe 

The universe is an effect. What was the cause? People have offered some possible causes:

  1. It is the figment of someone’s imagination.
  2. It created itself.
  3. The Big Bang
  4. It is eternal. (The Big Bang will lead to the Big Crunch, and then Big Bang happens again, ad infinitum.)
  5. It was created.

Scripture verifies that the latter happened,

The heavens declare the glory of God;
And the firmament shows His handiwork.
Day unto day utters speech,
And night unto night reveals knowledge.
(Psa 19.1, 2)

The heavens declare God’s glory. It does not say the heavens declare God. However, the heavens declare whose glory? They glorify Him. They do not alone say He exists, but the heavens sure tell us that something or someone wonderful made them!

The firmament shows God’s handiwork. It does not say the firmament shows God. However, the firmament shows whose handiwork? They show tremendous design. They do not alone tell us who God is, but the firmament sure tells us that something or someone knew what He was doing!

Cosmological Argument Restrictions 

The Cosmological Argument is what I have presented in this brief article. By itself the Cosmological Argument does not prove God’s existence. It only argues something or someone equal to or greater than the universe caused it. It creates a frame of mind ready to accept the idea of a Creator. Consider Romans 1.18–21. The writer of the Book of Hebrews said, “For every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God” (Heb 3.4).

Observing a house, we know someone made it. However, we only know so much about the builder by means of the house.

He who created all things must have been very interested in our lives. Look at what He provided for us. Has He provided anything else that we do not know about? We find things all the time on Earth that benefit us. Does He provide something for me on the inside? He provides His Son Jesus Christ for our hearts. God’s interest is so grand that He does not want us to live for a mere 80 or 90 years on the Earth at the most. He wants us to live forever with Him in heaven.


9 thoughts on “Seeing the Invisible Things of God

  1. “Compare her with the rest of the planets.”

    Ok. How are they? There a billions of them out there. If you have good information about them, please share them. They’ll probably give you a nobel prize or something like that.

    “Everything is either a cause or an effect ”

    Nice claim. Proof? (And please note, that for the god idea to work, this rule is WRONG.)

    “Scripture verifies”

    You really want to tell us that the writing of some bronze age guys “verifies” anything? Really? I’ve got a London bridge to sell, if you are THAT gullible…

    “They show tremendous design. ”

    Nope. Your sentence shows the desire of people to see patterns everywhere. Nothing else.

    “The Cosmological Argument is…”

    …neither valid nor does it lead to god. Let’s assume it was valid, then it would not point to god, just a cause, which does not have to be a person, as you correctly wrote – just then ignored to put in your god.

    “He who created all things must have been very interested in our lives.”

    Why? Let’s assume it exists, then it created a huge universe. Why should it care about some organic dirt on an insignificant planet? Perhaps the whole thing was to play around with stars and biological contamination was purely accidental?

    • Dear Atomic Mutant,

      Thanks for dropping by this blog. And thanks for reading at least one article.

      When I asked the reader to compare the Earth to the other planets, I meant the planets in our solar system.

      You challenged the idea that, “Everything is either a cause or an effect.” Tell me something that is excluded.

      Concerning the verification that Scriptures provides: Truth is truth, even if written a long time ago. I am gullible enough to belief the truth, whether written today or ages ago.

      Atomic Mutant, concerning the, “tremendous design,” of this place in which we live: Surely you know that we fit into our environment perfectly, and our environment accommodates us most wonderfully.

      “The Cosmological Argument,” adds to the many pieces of evidence that there is a God.

      In your last paragraph, you brought up something that King David wondered about,

      “When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers,
      The moon and the stars, which You have ordained,
      What is man that You are mindful of him,
      And the son of man that You visit him?
      For You have made him a little lower than the angels,
      And You have crowned him with glory and honor.”
      (Psa 8:3–5)

      Be careful, you are starting to think like the Bible!

  2. Where shall we start…

    Yes, I know that you meant them, which means you take out some random planets, point to them and say “See, they are worse.” This is like taking five random places – four of them in the desert – and saying “See, Florida is better!”. It doesn’t make sense. There are many more planets and probably some of them are able to support life – each one making earth less significant.

    I don’t need to tell you even one thing, because the sum of observations is still not evidence. You say, that you have never seen something like that – and I tell you, that with the things you (and mankind) haven’t seen we could fill libraries. It’s an argument from ignorance – “I don’t know otherwise, so it has to be true.”.

    And a lie is a lie, no matter how old it is and how many people have been fooled by it, true.

    Of course we fit here nicely – because we evolved into this place. Take a little hole in the ground… When rain fills it with water, do you say “Oh, see, how this hole is so perfectly formed for the water?” No, of course not, you say “The water has taken on the form of the hole.”. Same thing with life: Life has adapted to this planet, not the other way around. Life has become perfectly fitting for this planet, not this planet is perfectly fitting for life.

    And no, the sum of many non valid arguments is still not a one. Every single one is invalid, so the conclusion is not “thus god exists”.

    And no, if I started thinking like the bible, I would already have threatened to torture you for eternity because you believe something different. But as I don’t want that, I will not start, ok?

    • Atomic Mutant,

      The reason I meant the planets of our solar systems, is because those are the only planets that we can see their surfaces, and know enough about them to see how precious the superabundance of life is on the Earth.

      Interestingly, you do not accept the evidence for the existence of God, because you want to be able to see God before you will believe in Him, yet, you accept the alleged evidence for planets outside our solar system, although you have never seen one; you have only seen the evidence that they must exist.

      Life on the Earth far exceeds the idea of merely pouring water into a hole. Oh my goodness, the thousands, perhaps millions of things that have to be in place for us to be here boggles the mind.

      Don Ruhl

      • Oh, I will immediately accept evidence for the existence of a god (or many). Strangely enough, many people keep talking of that evidence, but all the show to me are anecdotes, personal feelings, rhetoric tricks or some old book based on anecdotes and personal feelings…

        And yes, there is evidence for other planets (though not for life on them), so that’s a little difference to “god”, who seems to have had a change of mind 2000 years ago and stopped doing obvious miracles to get people believing in him…

        And yes, there’s a difference, but the idea is the same. Still doesn’t change anything that this world was not created for today’s life, but life simply evolved into the state that it is today. No need for god here. But you would probably think winning the lottery has something to do with god and not statistics.

      • Atomic Mutant,

        Have you seen pictures of any planets outside our solar system?

        Your remark about the lottery totally confused me. From where did that comment come? I do not play the lottery, nor do I encourage anyone to play it. Your comment shows that you do not know me, nor understand the way I think, and how I seek to reason with you.

        Your other comments have always been a challenge, and I encourage you to keep them on that level.

        Thanks for your time.

        Don Ruhl

      • Have you seen pictures of air? Have you seen pictures of an hydrogen atom? In most cases, no, because of some things you cannot simple take pictures – but there are other ways to find out if they exist or not. Planets outside our solar system exist, no doubt about that. As an astro physics prof, they can show you the details.

        And the comparison to the lottery is simple: Claiming that life on this earth is so unlikely, that it must have been god, is like winning the lottery and claiming, that since it was so unlikely, it must have been god. Nope, it isn’t, simply millions of people playing – someone must win. We simply don’t know the chances of life forming on a planet, so calling it unlikely and trying to make it a proof of a designer is simply an argument from ignorance – and these never work and lead to embarrassment when a real answer is found.

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