Talking With Atheists and Evolutionists


By Don Ruhl


We Must Speak With All People

Peter said by the Spirit, “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear” (1Pe 3.15).

Speaking with people who do not think as we do is challenging and sometimes unpleasant. Yet, motivated by love for their souls, we should want to let them know why we believe what we believe.

The Bible does deal with the issue of atheism (Psa 10.1–13; 14.1–3; 53.1–3; 59.7; Rom 1.18–21). Consider also the many passages dealing with the conflict between the God of Israel and false gods.

The Bible does deal with the issue of creation (Gen 1; 2; Psa 33.6–9). In how many other passages does the Bible address this issue? They are too numerous to list!

Knowing that the Bible deals with atheism and creation, let us talk with people about these relevant issues for our society.


What I want to present to you are filters. When I hear or read something allegedly supporting evolution and atheism, I put it through these filters.

Is the news reporting something that is:

  • Illogical?
  • Unscientific?
  • Unbiblical?

This way I do not have to remember all the details and memorize all the facts about different sciences.

Why are atheism and evolution tied together? All the arguments for and against God’s existence deal with nature. The question is: How did we get here? The two possible answers are we got here by evolution or creation. One option excludes God. The other option requires God. Therefore, if we discuss His existence, we have to deal with manifestations of God:

  1. Nature
  2. The Bible
  3. Jesus Christ

We believe each of these point to the existence of God. Secularists believe nature only demonstrates evolution, and they either do not believe the Bible and Jesus came from a divine source, or secularists believe the Bible is a fraud and Jesus never existed.

Secularists never used to deny the existence of Jesus, but I attended a debate in November 1980 between Thomas B. Warren and Joe Barnhart on the issue of ethics. It was during that debate that many of us had heard for the first time someone deny that Jesus ever existed. Secularists have to deny He existed, because He is the strongest argument for God’s existence that there is.

Four Questions for Evolutionists

1. Is he saying that something came from nothing?

Evolutionists will tell you that evolution does not deal with the Big Bang or things of that nature, but only the beginning of life and its transformation into the various species we see today. However, we want to know how the ingredients got here. They used to affirm that something came from nothing, whereas they have modified that, saying everything was once compacted to a tiny point, perhaps as small as a period at the end of a sentence. Practically speaking, that is still affirming that something came from nothing.

2. Is he saying that order came from chaos?

What do you see wrong with this idea? Is it true simply because some scientists say it is true?

3. Is he saying that life came from non-life?

Remember pasteurized milk and you can remember that life does not come from non-life. Louis Pasteur sought a way to preserve food, such as milk, and proved along the way that if no life is present, it will not spontaneously generate. Therefore, they do not use that terminology, but others, such as autogen. Listen carefully.

4. Is he saying that one kind of life turned itself into another kind of life?

A princess kissing a frog, turning him instantly into a handsome prince is a fairy tale. Yet, a frog turning into a handsome prince through millions of years of evolution is science! Do we affirm that life came from non-life? No, we affirm that God created life. He is life.

What do you say to the evolutionist who then questions where God came from? Everyone says that something is eternal:

  • Evolutionists = matter
  • Creationists = mind

However, evolutionists place a date on matter, but now they are saying Big Bangs keep reoccurring after Big Crunches.

God is eternal mind.

Which Came First: A Human Woman or a Human Baby?

If a human woman came first, then a non-human female turned into a human female. What caused this to happen? Was this evolution or devolution? In other words, evolution implies that non-humans are not as developed as humans, that the pre-human animal had more developing to do.

If a human baby came first, then a non-human mother gave birth to a human baby. What caused this to happen? Was this an improvement or not?

The Interpretation of Fossils

Fossils only show so much information. Yet, the news shows fully developed creatures, with hair, body posture, and other characteristics, that most of the time we cannot tell from the few bones collected. While “Lucy” was extraordinary because of the amount of bones we have of her, evolutionists and atheists still went too far in presenting a picture for us. Fossils do not show progress, one direction or the other.


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