Do You Know the Other Names of These Well-Known People and Places?


By Don Ruhl


Often our Bible classes take on a serious and intense mode, which is the way it should be. However, it is also healthy and enjoyable to see the Bible in a light way as well. Recently I taught my adult Bible class wanting to take a break from looking at the social controversies we were examining. What I did was give lessor known names of well-known people and places in the Bible.

First, I wrote the name on the board. If no one could guess it, I started giving hints. Sometimes it would go so far as recounting a majority of the story before anyone figured it out. Then I would briefly expound upon the passage or passages that reveal the answer, thus giving a Bible lesson at the same time. Finally we would try to figure out why there was this additional name.

The list below is based on the New King James Version.

Belteshazzar—Daniel 1.7

Jedidiah—2 Samuel 12.24, 25

Hananiah—Daniel 1.7

Hadassah—Esther 2.7

Mishael—Daniel 1.7

Immanuel—Matthew 1.23

Azariah—Daniel 1.7

Cephas or Simon—John 1.40–42

Saul (not the king)—Acts 13.9

Abram—Genesis 17.5

Sarai—Genesis 17.15

Jacob—Genesis 32.28

Judas (not Iscariot)—John 14.22

Boanerges—Mark 3.17

Artemis—Acts 19.24

Areopagus—Acts 17.19–22

Ben-Oni—Genesis 35.18

Baalzebub—Luke 11.18

Joses—Acts 4.36

Canticles—Another name for the Song of Solomon, based on the Latin of 1.1

Sea of Chinnereth—Numbers 34.11

Lake of Gennesaret—Luke 5.1

The Apocalypse—Revelation 1.1

Land of Cush—Isaiah 45.14

Firmament—Genesis 1.6–8

Yah—Psalm 68.4

Golgotha—Mark 15.22 and Luke 23.33

Hoshea—Numbers 13.16

Elohim—Hebrew of Genesis 1.1

Sabaoth—Romans 9.29 compare with Isaiah 1.9

Jannes and Jambres—Second Timothy 3.8

Jerubbaal—Judges 7.1

Reuel—Numbers 10.29

Salem—Psalm 76.2

Zaphnath-Paaneah—Gen. 41.45

Nehushtan—2 Kings 18.4

Oholah and Oholibah—Ezekiel 23.4

Alpha and Omega—Revelation 1.8

Mount Moriah, the place where Abraham offered Isaac, later it was the threshing-floor of Ornan the Jebusite—2 Chronicles 3.1

Feast of Weeks—Leviticus 23.15, 16 compare with Acts chapters 1 and 2

Pisgah—Deuteronomy 34.1

Horeb—Exodus 3.1, 2; Acts 7.30

Salt Sea—Joshua 18.19

Saul in the New Testament—Acts 13.9

Tabitha—Acts 9.36–39

Lebbaeus—Matthew 10.3

Sea of Tiberias—John 6.1

Seer—First Samuel 9.9

Sea of Arabah—Deuteronomy 3.17

Sea of the Philistines—Exodus 23.31

Bathshua—First Chronicles 3.5

Achar—First Chronicles 2.7


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