Creating a Joyful Home

By Don Ruhl

A joyful home comes from the continuation of love. The fact that the Bible commands husbands and wives, parents and children to love one another might seem unnecessary, but the truth is that families often do not practice love. Husbands and wives are commanded by God in Scripture to love one another (Eph 5.25–29); and Titus 2.4 teaches that the older women are to train the younger women to love their husbands and their children.

Love grows cold because goals often change after the wedding. Before the wedding each tried to win the other, but once the wedding occurred, the goal has been met. However, each expects the other to continue to act as before.

A joyful home comes from kindness. Evidence that a home is having trouble is that the members can be friendly, kind, and patient with others outside the home, but inside the home the members are indifferent, cruel, and impatient. Why is it that we think others are welcome to our kindness, but our own family is deserving of cruel or indifferent treatment? And then we wonder why our family does not respect us! The Bible warns against treacherous treatment of family members by family members (See Jer 3.20; Mal 2.10, 14–16).

A joyful home comes from being able to laugh. What is wrong with families having a good laugh together? The book of Proverbs teaches the value of laughing and related activity for the health of the individual, and these will certainly apply to the family (See Pro 15.13, 15; 17.22).

A joyful home comes from fulfilling your vows. Do husbands and wives even know what they vowed? If they do not, how do they know whether they are keeping their vows? God knows! (See Ecc 5.2–7.) The vows are a pledge to continue to serve one another, not to make sure that self will keep being served.

A joyful home comes from seeing children as a heritage of the Lord. Many homes have heartbreak because the parents did not receive their children as gifts from God (Psa 127.3).

It is the parent’s obligation to bring up children to become men and women. This means that children should see that God has put them into the families in which they are. This is why children must honor their parents.

A joyful home comes from serving the Lord together. Remember the words of Joshua in Joshua 24.15, “But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” In Genesis 18.19 the Bible reader will discover that Abraham sought to make serving the Lord a family affair.

A joyful home comes from working out problems scripturally. Make God the center of your home and His word the solution to your problems. Having this attitude will lead you in a spiritual direction. So when times of conflict arise, you will do what you know His word says to do. God is the Creator of the home. God has also given us a perfect guide for building a joyful home (See 2Ti 3.16, 17; 2Pe 1.2–4).

A joyful home comes from Scriptural financial management. A major source of conflict in the home is the management of money. Everyone in the family has his own idea about what should be done with the limited amount of funds. This can really show whether we are self-oriented or other-oriented. The greatest principle for financial matters is found in Second Corinthians 8.5, that each one give himself to the Lord and then to the rest of the family.

A joyful home comes from practicing Christianity in the home. This summarizes everything that can be said about creating a joyful home, because through the teachings of Christ we have joy in all of life, including the home.


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